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There are many powerful ticketing solutions on the market, and we've spent time developing websites with some of these integrations, notably Vista and Veezi for our cinema clients. Through detailed API's we've been able to link the customer-facing sites with the ticketing booking engine to highlight availability and allow the customer to process their booking.

Brainstorm can design and develop an event/ticketing or cinema website, integrating any 3rd party which offers an API solution. Whether it be a small independent cinema or a multiplex, there are solutions available which can be incorporated, providing a seamless booking process for the customer.

Eye Cinema

Eye Cinema

Cinema Website Design | Web Development | Online Ticketing System | Web Design | Ecommerce

Website design, development and ticketing integration

Odyssey Cinema

Odyssey Cinema

Cinema Website Design | Online Ticketing System | Web Design | Print | Email Marketing | Branding | Social Media | Web Development

Re-design and development with integrated ticketing solution.

Ilkley Cinema

Ilkley Cinema

Cinema Website Design | Online Ticketing System | Branding | Social Media | Print | Web Design

Website design, development and ticketing integration


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Welcome to Brainstorm, a web design, branding, digital and advertising agency based in Leeds. We create beautiful brands, wonderful websites and compelling campaigns. 

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Once your branding, website and corporate literature all look tip-top it's time to show them off - it's no good buying a Picasso and keeping it in a cupboard! The best way to shout from the rooftops about how good you are is through the use of public relations which will raise awareness of your business, products and services.

Our sister company Candid PR shares our offices and can maximise exposure for your business in media that reaches your target audience including online and digital outlets, newspapers, specialist trade titles, glossy consumer magazines, national publications as well as TV and radio stations.

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Paul at Get Visibility is a digital marketer and PPC and SEO consultant. He helps companies of all types and sizes grow their business online through organic and paid media marketing. Over the past ten years, Paul has created many successful digital marketing strategies, with regular streams of engaging content that helped to propel online engagement and the sales process too.

“I’m passionate about helping business owners grow their business online and operate smarter.”

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